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Katrina Frosia is an international artist specializing in exclusive portraits, landscapes and hand-painted scenes. She paints from still lifes and photographs in oil, silk and acrylic using a palette knife. Katrina is also an interior designer whose clients trust her artistic taste. She creates her unique handicrafts not only on canvases but also on furniture. Because of Katrina's skill and ability to work with colors, she is often invited to help design interiors.

Katrina’s works include portraits of people, paintings of favourite pets and animals, landscapes, scenes from private homes, precious objects such as collector’s cars or yachts and collages of items that are brought together to depict aspects of a person’s life. Katrina is known and recognized for her skill in capturing the true essence of the character that she is painting, and also for her very fine brushwork, particularly when dealing with the hair of animals.

Many of the paintings that Katrina produces are commissioned, often as a gift for a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary or retirement. Clients from around the world, including London, Paris, Dublin, Geneva, Dubai, Kiev, Washington and Monte Carlo, have enjoyed her work. Katrina’s painting of the “Green Monkey” recently sold at a charity auction in Sandy Lane, Barbados, for over US$50,000.

For Katrina’s commissioned work, she prefers to use photographic images submitted by her clients to create a more definitive and detailed painting by adding the necessary composition and lighting. Submitting photographs, rather than having special personal sittings, may be more convenient for busy people or indeed children and pets.

Each of Katrina Frosia's paintings is a unique work of art created in full consultation with her client as to their desires and specifications with the sole purpose of making that rendering highly personal and permanently treasured.

Please see the following pages for some of the recent examples of Katrina’s private commissioned work and also her paintings that are available for sale. You can contact Katrina if you would like to commission a totally bespoke and personal piece of art. Framing for the painting can also be arranged and quoted separately. 

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