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I take enormous pride in my work. It is very important to me that I produce a painting which is of the highest quality and meets the customers expectation. For this reason I am very happy to provide reviews of the painting and to make modifications and adjustments the customer may require. I want the customer to be completely satisfied so they can recommend my work to others.


Before starting any commissioned work I discuss the content, composition and background to the painting with the customer. If a composition is required which includes a number of subject or objects brought together from different places I send a sketch of the composition for approval before I start painting.


My commissioned artwork prices range from £850 to over £4000 depending on the size of the canvas, whether it is in oils, silk or in mestichino using acrylic. It also depends on the complexity of the commissioned work. The larger the picture and the more people, animals or objects in the painting the more it costs. All prices are inclusive of VAT (if appropriate).


I will happy to provide a quotation based upon customers specifications.


A deposit of 25% is required to be paid on order with the balance paid upon customer's approval and before shipping.


The paintings are delivered without a frame as this is a personal choice. I am happy to arrange for the painting to be framed for an additional cost.


Shipping is handled in accordance with instructions from the customer and charged  accordingly. When we ship on customer's behalf, we always insure with the shipping company for the full price of the painting.


Prior to shipping we will send a photograph of the painting to the customer for their approval. We will only ship when the customer is 100% satisfied.

We are happy to make modifications to the customer's painting to make sure that they are completely satisfied. We simply ask that the customer is as clear and specific as possible.



It takes between 14 and 21 days to produce a painting from the date we agree about the details to the date it is ready for review. It will take an additional 5 to 7 days to make any requested changes or modifications. The customer should typically allow three to four weeks for their painting. We will schedule a review date at the time the customer places their order.


It is important that the customer owns the copyright of any photograph/s which they send us to create a painting. The customer is responsible and liable for the images they provide.


We reserve the right to refuse to create any painting that might harm, or offend individuals or any religion or race. I am happy to paint tastefully designed nudes.

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